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New Website

Hi all,

Welcome to our new site! I’ve been contemplating on whether creating my own blog system or just installing one. I figured creating my own system for posting would have taken me a while and my concentration of SABDM. So I decided to go with WordPress. I’ve used it in the past and I must say I’m glad to be using it again. On this page, you will notice that we’ll be regularly posting important announcements. Along with myself, Marcster, Gregory, Audience and ranger will also be posting important announcements if I’m not around.

I’ve decided to created my own theme, as the ones WordPress give you just don’t look that good. So, in the next couple of days (or maybe weeks) you’ll notice some things moving around here and there. I’ll be working on the theme time to time and re-adding some of the features off the old site into this one when I can.

Thanks for reading, I hope you guys like the new site. Be sure to let us know what you think too!

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