Author Topic: SABDM - Version 0.2  (Read 70 times)


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SABDM - Version 0.2
« on: August 10, 2017, 11:36:29 pm »
  • Modifies information textdraws. Information textdraw headers that are displayed on the bottom right of your screen will now display as: Information: With a light blue background, Success: With a light green background, and Danger: With a light red background.
  • Modifies class selection textdraws.
  • Increased anti spawn kill time from 5 seconds to 8 seconds.
  • Adds /dnd (forwarded command for /nopm).
  • Adds /vips.
  • Adds /toplayers (forwarded command: /highscores).
  • Background music is now played during team selection.
  • Fixes bug where players were able to headshot others when the round ends.
  • Fixes bug where flag icons were being shown in all rounds instead of just Capture the Flag.
  • Fixes the /pm bug where messages weren't fully shown.

  • Team vehicles will now be colored with the teams colors.
  • Each team will now only have one hydra and one hunter spawn at their respective team bases.
  • Aircraft with weapons now respawn one minute after it was destroyed.
  • Adds more vehicles to both team bases with 15 second respawn times.

Please report any bugs in the 'Bug Report' section. If you have any ideas for the server, feel free to make a suggestion in the 'Suggestions' section  :).