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Ban Appeal Format
« on: July 19, 2017, 09:36:18 pm »
Ban Appeal

Make sure the subject of your thread includes: [Your name]: Ban Appeal - [Administrator's name]

Important information
  • Do not spam this board.
  • If your appeal gets denied you may re-post it in 3 weeks (21 days).
  • Remember that the admin's decision is final and starting to complain in your appeal thread will result in it being locked.
  • Only server admins and the banned user may post  Repeated violation of this rule will mean you having your posting rights removed for the ban appeals section.
-More to come-

Code: [Select]
[b]Ingame name:[/b]
[b]Date of the incident:[/b]
[b]Admin who banned you:[/b]
[b]Reason of ban:[/b]
[b]Short explanation of the incident:[/b]
[b]Reason why you should be unbanned:[/b]
[b]Screenshots/Videos:[/b] (optional)

If you have not specified a ban reason or a banning admin in your appeal, a member of staff will check these for you based on the information you have given and will edit these into your appeal.