Author Topic: [TUTORIAL] How to Run SAMP in Mac  (Read 36 times)


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[TUTORIAL] How to Run SAMP in Mac
« on: October 03, 2017, 01:51:02 pm »
How to run SAMP on Mac

Hello, there are many players that has ask how to install and play SAMP on a Mac.
There might be an issue where you're not using the recommended OS version, please read the descriptions of the software we will be downloading so you can see if your computer is able to run it.

1) Get a copy of GTA San Andreas for PC. Almost always, it will come in a .rar or zipped file. Place it in folder just to keep things organized and together (Also to make it easy to get to later on). (For this tutorial, I used the .rar that I created a while back when transferring SA to my Mac)

2) Extract the file. "The Unarchiver" is pre installed on Mac.

3) Wait for it to extract, it might take a minute. Once it is done, it'll look something like this. NOTE: Yours probably won't look exactly the same as in the photos!

4) You will need to download a program that allows you to run Windows programs on Mac. I prefer Winebottler because it is free, and it is simpler for me. I tried Crossover, but it is about $60. There is a 14 Day Trial though, so if you can dish out the money, try it out and you be the judge :)
Download Winebottler from here: . You could choose whichever, but I chose the stable version.

6) Once the download is finished, run the .dmg and click and drag Wine and Winebottler into the Applications folder.

7) When I used Winebottler to run SAMP, I had a problem and I had to install X11. I am not sure if you'll run into this problem, but I'll include this step anyways. You can download X11 from here: . Check to see that your OS version is mentioned. If not, they should have older versions for older OS versions. Once you download it, install it. It should be quick and easy to install.

8) Once you have Winebottler and X11(Optional), download the latest SAMP client from here: . I usually download from the SAMP Team, but it is up to you. Recommended SAMP Version, "SAMP 0.3.7"

10) Once it has finished, find the samp installer and run it with Wine. It doesn't matter where you have it, since you'll have to find your GTA SA files.

11) So this part might be hard, but I'll try to make it easy for you. You need to go to where you placed the GTA SA files so it knows where to install SAMP. This will be under your computer account, so lets go there. Here is what you'll need to click to get to get to your user account. From there, just find where ever you have the game files. I have it in my documents, so its just a couple clicks further.

12) Select the folder that actually contains all the game files! You can see a folder named SAMP because that is the GTA SA folder that already has it installed.

13) So once you're done installing SAMP, go to your GTA SA file folder and look for the samp.exe like usual. Once you find it, right-click it and run it with Wine. You should be all set!