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Server Rules
« on: September 27, 2017, 05:37:37 pm »
We expect all players to follow these 'Server Rules' at all times.

Failure in not following ANY of these rules, will result in administrative punishments.

1) No hacks or any types of cheats are allowed - A typical rule, but we expect it to not happen on the server. Any type of hacks, cheats, mods, trainers that give a player an unfair advantage over others are forbidden. Cheaters will be banned by administrators without any warnings.

2) No CLEO mods allowed - CLEO mods that give you an advantage over other players, for example the Superman Mod, Parkour Mod, etc are not allowed.

3) No C-bug allowed - C-bug is not allowed. This has been discussed several times and it has been decided to not allow it. Using c-bug will result in warnings. If the player continues doing it, an administrator may also ban the player temporarily.

4) No bug allowed that gives unfair advantage - Besides the c-bug, any other bug which gives you unfair advantage over other players is not allowed.

5) No team attacking allowed - Shooting your own team members intentionally is not allowed. Although an anti team kill exists, you still should not be trying to kill your own team mates.

6) No flaming/insults allowed - Intentionally flaming or insulting other players and/or administrators is not allowed and may result in a ban from server. Show common courtesy for everyone on the server.

7) No advertisements allowed - Advertisements are strictly forbidden. Advertising other servers may get you kicked, warned or even banned from the server. If you would like to advertise something, please speak to a 'Head Administrator' or someone a higher rank about this.
8 ) Respect Administrators - The administrator team are humans just like you. They do a tough job keeping the server clean from hackers and rule breakers. They're experienced and know how to take actions. Please be patient with them, as they may be dealing with another issue a higher priority than your one.

9) Being AFK (in combat/blocking ways/etc) - You can go AFK as long as you are near your spawn, not in the middle of combat and/or not blocking anything.

10) Account sharing is not allowed - You aren't allowed to log into other accounts which do not belong to you. Without the permission of administrators, sharing accounts will most likely get you banned.

11) Follow admins' instructions - The administrator team may enforce further rules when they think they are necessary. So we always expect all players to listen to them no matter the situation.

12) Being impolite and using bad language - If you are provoking players, insulting players, insulting administrators or whatever kind of behavior which show administrators the player is a 'bad player' and may cause too much harm to server, will be banned.

We expect all players to follow these 'Server Rules' at all times.

Failure in not following ANY of these rules, will result in administrative punishments.

Please be sure to check this topic regularly as administrators may be updating it.