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SABDM - Administrator Applications [OPEN] / Eazy's App
« Last post by Eazy_E on Today at 07:10:43 am »
Administrator Application:  (Eazy_E)

In-Game Name:Eazy_E
Gender? (Male or Female):Male
Timezone:TM -3
Do you speak any languages? (If so, list them):Spanish and i'm studing English Now.
How much time can you spend on the server per day?:3 -4 hs for The moment
Have you been an admin in the past on any other server?:Yes I had the max Power ( Developer)
Describe yourself (200 words min.): Well I want to introduce my name is Julian Marco but you can call me Marco. I am from Argentina (Mdz) I am a very funny boy, responsible and very aware of my actions. I'm studying economics and I hope to finish my studies next year. I do not like to be called by nicknames and I do not like calling by nicknames to others.
What can you offer as an administrator? (100 words min.): As an administrator I can offer my help; My advice and my experience as an ex-admin. You can trust me since I am a highly trustworthy and responsible person. I will take care of my mistakes and problems within the server and the forum. I would like to help this great community grow and be able to grow as a member of it.
Why should we choose you to become a staff member? (100 words min.): As I said before; I am a highly qualified person to be an administrator. I know if any player needs help and/or is in trouble to help and solve their problem as it may be that their problem also affects others.
If you see someone breaking a rule, what would you do?: This will depend on what you are doing. If the subject is using any type of hacks will be banned and will have to make an appeal of unban asking for an apology. If any player is insulting/disturbing other players this will be warned by their actions 
If you see someone using cheats/mods/hacks, what would you do?: The player will be banned and have to make an apology in his appeal unban
Other stuff you would like to mention?:I am an honest and very helpful person in and out of the server. I hope to be chosen to be able to help them
DayZ Administrator Applications [OPEN] / Re: Jiren - Admin Application
« Last post by Gregory on Today at 02:39:31 am »
Locked for now.
DayZ Administrator Applications [OPEN] / Jiren - Admin Application
« Last post by Jiren on Today at 12:29:37 am »
Administrator Application:  Jiren

In-Game Name: Jiren
Age: 21
Gender? (Male or Female): Male
Country: Lithuania
Timezone:  GMT+3
Do you speak any languages? (If so, list them):  1. Lithuanian 2. English 3. Russian
How much time can you spend on the server per day?: 2-3 hours
Have you been an admin in the past on any other server?: Yes I have been.
Describe yourself (200 words min.):
Like any human being I know that I'm not a perfect person existing in this world, but certainly I'm not the baddest. I simply believe I have theese traits as maturity that allows me to act mature when it is needed to be. I am also funny, simple going person. Its not hard to reach me out or find me. I can be very sociable, I like socialising with players, so I could get their respect as a player, not some higher-up with virtual commands. Regarding my temper, I am usually calm and self-controlled when it comes if I were to die in-game. I keep self-tolerance mode and I respect players, even though the anger filled up inside tells me to flame them, but I want to remain out of drama zone. But, I do have bad traits aswell. Sometimes im lazy and really that is the worst part of me. I can turn lazy and just sometimes forget that I have administrator duties to do. I also believe one of the bad traits I posses are stupidity which I'm commonly known for. I do believe those traits of mine can be changed, if I put effort into it, but theese are normal human beeing traits that everyone posseses - everybody is different, that is whats cool about everyone - meeting new people with different personalities. I'm sure I could fit well with the traits I have and cause less headache with my bad ones.
What can you offer as an administrator? (100 words min.):
I believe everyone who applies for administrator has their own intel to bring with having past expierence working in previous communities, no matter what positions have you taken before. What can I bring to the community as an admin is perhaps the teamwork and fun time. Teamwork is vital part of administrator roster, cause it allows administrators to work in pairs and coordinate movements of things that will occur in the future. I also believe fun time is what makes admins humans again. Removing administrator duties from yourself is also a key where admins could just chill and do something together or with players like host events or just socialise in DayZ campfire. I believe I can bring those 2 factors in the DayZ staff roster and show that you don't take burden on yourself alone - we are there as a team, one big family. Everybody is equal.
Why should we choose you to become a staff member? (100 words min.):
In todays world its hard to find someone who posseses good traits to become staff member, most importantly when you never met the guy and you have no clue what he knows or what he doesn't know. Why should you choose me? Maybe cause I'm the best. I'm certainly not. I just know I can manage to whitstand anything that is beein thrown at me, all the blame, complaints, reports. I just know that I can be there when someone needs me, if there is certain someone who needs me to look at certain situation. I know I take my responsability serrious when it comes to beeing part of staff. In every community, you have to earn things like respect, love and trust. I do believe by becoming staff - you need to be a man of your word and do exactly what you said you do when you apply for a position. That is why I think you should choose me - cause I wanna prove to you that I do keep my word and Im taking this as a serrious way.
If you see someone breaking a rule, what would you do?:
As a Player: 1. I see a player 2. I gather the evidence that I need(whether Screenshots or video) 3. I make a forum complaint about him providing evidence. 4. If administrator is online I use command /report to make sure the rulebreaker gets what he deserves.

As a Admin: 1. I look though reports 2. I spectate the player 3. I ask the witness to provide me evidence of his rulebreak(if the rulebreaker has stopped doing it during spectator mode) 4. I use admin guideline and punish the player accordingly to the rulebreak and the punishment that it is given. 5. If report is done on forums I review it and give the punishment to the player if hes online. 6. If the witness has no evidence to provide I take no action to punish however I put the person on active watch list to see if he/she breaks the rules again.
If you see someone using cheats/mods/hacks, what would you do?: As a player: 1. I see a hacker. 2. Gather evidence. 3. Make a forum complaint about him providing evidence. 4. Await for the judgment made by Admin.

As Admin: 1. I look thought the forum complaint/in-game report. 2. If there is valid evidence of player using hacks, I ban him(if I can't I request higher admin to do so for me). 3. If there is no valid evidence in-game wise I continue to spectate him to see if he/she does anything suspicious again. 4. Gather the evidence of my own if the hacker activated his hacks, and take action to ban him/her(if I can't I request higher-up to do it for me).
Other stuff you would like to mention?: Just review my application and tell me if its good or not. Don't accept me, you can deny it ofcourse. The purpose of this application was to see if I can be accepted with well of goodwill.
Rejected / Re: Admins Application
« Last post by Audience on October 23, 2017, 06:09:39 pm »

Your application has been declined.

The following are reasons as to why:

  • Negative votes from other Administrators.
  • Your application did not meet the minimum word count.
  • Not enough information that describes you or your interest in joining us.

Although, we appreciate your interest in joining our team.

Media / Re: Post your best screenshots here!
« Last post by Eazy_E on October 23, 2017, 03:37:03 am »
I don't have some picture yet because my computer doesn't work but i'll try to fix it.
Announcements / Re: [EVENT - 31-10-17] Halloween Event - Double Score / Money and more!
« Last post by Eazy_E on October 23, 2017, 01:21:33 am »
Thats cool!! I'm waiting i hope i can win it!!!
Suggestions / Re: Trusted Member
« Last post by Adam on October 22, 2017, 07:36:33 pm »
This suggestion will be put into a pending decision state.

Topic has been locked and when there are news, it will be posted here :).
Suggestions / Re: Trusted Member
« Last post by blackphoenix on October 22, 2017, 07:17:42 pm »
I remember a eazy_e from the old community,if its true,nice to meet you ;)

having trusted members is really good in communities that have over 1 server

Its a pretty good idea. But yeah it would be better if it comes with some benefits. Some extra cash on kill or capturing the flag etc would be nice.
trusted groups shouldnt get any benefits on servers,its just help on community,like that players try join coz internal benefits & screw main points
Suggestions / Re: Trusted Member
« Last post by Eazy_E on October 21, 2017, 11:16:12 pm »
Their Benefits is :

 •You should apply to then apply like staff. (To be a 
trusted member you need know all requeriments )

 •I don't know if only the staff can use the tag [eG]? In my old community you can use it only if you're a trusted member or staff.

•They can give votes on trusted member or staff and they need explain the reason of their  possitive or negative vote (optional) e.g : I'm a trusted member and i going to reply on a staff application, my comment can help us to know what kind of person is.

I've more ideas but i don't going say it here. if higher admin wanna talk about it you can VIA inbox to know the others benefits.


Rejected / Re: Admins Application
« Last post by Archangel on October 21, 2017, 07:00:45 pm »
Lack of effort and poor english. Like Marc said, you simply rushed into it. You should have taken your time to write it. This attitude of yours simply shows you dont actually mean it.

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